Confused about correct upgrade path


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Hi all, it's been many moons since I last checked in here, and I see I have missed several updates to the custom firmware.
I'm currently running CFW 2.10
From reading the wiki, it seems that I can't just load the latest CFW on top of this one, but I'm a little confused as to what I need to do.
Can anyone point me in the right direction please.

edit - Is this correct? Found under the 'CFW other' heading.
Run prepare_for_upgrade diagnostic
Download and install official 1.02.20
Download and install CFW 2.12/1.02.20
If you're on 2.10 then you need to:
  • Run the prepare-for-upgrade diagnostic;
  • Install the correct official firmware version on your box;
  • Install the CFW package that matches the official firmware.
When you say correct official firmware, do you mean the latest one?

That's up to you. I would pick either 1.02.20 or 1.02.29.

1.02.20 is pretty well tested but has a problem with streaming files over 4GB via DLNA. It will also be overwritten by OTAs which tend to be version 1.02.28. That can be worked around with disable-ota and a manual reminder.

1.02.29 is also good but can occasionally automatically retune your box without confirmation, resulting in the loss of your schedule. That can be worked around with the disable-dso package.
hi i am an annoying person, sorry about that but :)

i am on fw 1.02.20
Web interface version: 0.8.12
Custom firmware version: 1.14

i am not sure how to go about upgrading

i see new versions have an option to use (just installed newest .32 fw with v2.15cfw included on a new box no problems(from .29 official))

but for the terribly out of date i am not sure what is best to do
Run prepare_for_upgrade diagnostic (See note Below)
Download and install official 1.02.32
Download and install CFW 2.15/1.02.32

To run prepare for upgrade goto Web-If >> Diagnostics >> Select'prepare for upgrade' from pull down menu >> Run Diagnostic

See WiKi upgrade path notes HERE
thx for fast reply but there is no pull down menu
i got a diagnostic that has 'general' filled in in text only no menu
due to old version i am sure
If your WebIF is so out of date you don't have a box above the one containing "general" that says "select diag...", you can type "prepare_for_upgrade" directly into the box replacing the word "general".

However, be aware that it is by no means essential to move away from standard firmware 1.02.20. The main benefit of firmwares later than 1.02.20 is the ability to stream files larger than 4GB from another server by DLNA - if you don't want to do that you don't need to update. I have two HDR-FOXes (configured for minimum inconvenience) still on 1.02.20, and the latest custom firmware is available for it. See notes in Things Every... (click) section 1 regarding enforced retunes in firmware 1.02.27 and later. (I have a third HDR on 1.02.32, but that is beside the point - I run 1.02.20 by choice on my main machines, one of which is in use where I can't easily keep an eye on it.)

If you decide to stick with 1.02.20, you can load "CFW 2.15 for 1.02.20" directly over your 2.14 without prepare_for_upgrade. Again there is no particular reason to update from 2.14, the main benefits of 2.15 are confined to disk diagnostics and repair available from the Telnet menu.

To keep WebIF and the other packages you have installed up-to-date (which is where the main improvements in user interface occur), install the auto-update package. If you do not wish to auto-update, go to the Package Management page in the WebIF and click "Upgrade all packages" (or select them individually from the Upgrades tab after performing an "Update package list from internet").
Versions above 1.02.20 may force an auto re-tune but if you are running the Custom Firmware this isn't a problem, the re-tune will remove all scheduled recording events (not the recordings) and also remove your favourites list, however both of these can be restored using the Custom Firmware auto backup facility so upgrading to 1.02.32 is not a problem