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Confused by series recording

A couple of nights ago I noticed an episode of Green Wing on late ( I think it was on More4 ). I hit record and selected whole series. The next day I checked and found the folder contained 5 files - the expected Green Wing plus 4 unwanted programmes, also allegedly comedies. I then checked the schedule and found an episode of the IT Crowd listed - also unrequested. I clicked the right button and found a dozen or so episodes listed as the It Crowd but actually all manner of random stuff ( found by selecting each and clicking the info button ).
What on earth is going on? I'm still new to the Hummy but if this is typical it makes series link next to useless.

Black Hole

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I'm not sure, but I think you may have accidentally accepted other recommended programmes. When you select a programme for recording first you get a pop up asking you to select whether you want the StDef or HiDef version (if there is a choice), then you get another pop-up offering programmes the broadcaster has chosen to link to the programme you want as "recommended". However, as far as I can recall these other recommendations then get set as one-offs not series.

Chill, series links are not at all next to useless.
No, I definitely didn't accept recommendations - that pop up is quite distinctive.

I think I might have the answer. My previous pvr downloads its epg via a daily call and for its series link equivalent it searches its own database. So it will only link things clearly identifiable as episodes of the same programme ( and not repeats ).
As I understand it the HDR uses the Freeview+ data which depends on the whim of the broadcaster. The channel was in fact CH4HD and it appears they are running something they call "Funny Fortnight" - ie late night back to back reruns of comedies, some good but most dire. It looks rather as though they have marked the whole lot as a series.
If so I guess it just means getting to know which channels can be trusted and which can't. So far it seems the BBC ones are probably OK but CH4 not.

Does that accord with others experience?

Ezra Pound

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I clicked the right button and found a dozen or so episodes listed as the It Crowd but actually all manner of random stuff
I have just experienced the same thing on the Channel 4 Funny Fortnight, I selected Vic Reeves Big night out (Whole series) and it listed one 'real' program and 17 other programs I didn't want, as I suspected it is because channel 4 has given all 18 different programs the same CRID e.g. What a cock-up ! !

vic reeves big night out = series CRID : channel4.com/C4EI0120816162138402
Chelmsford 123 = series CRID : channel4.com/C4EI0120816162138402

Black Hole

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Wouldn't it be nice if those codes led to real information on the web. Smart TVs with web browsers built in would be able to click straight through to relevant web pages directly from the EPG.
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I have just experienced the same thing on the Channel 4 Funny Fortnight
I'm getting the message that this sort of cock up is unusual, even for C4. Being new to the Freeview way of handling series links you can imagine I was somewhat dismayed with the result.

Ok - I won't give up on series link yet!
I noticed a similar thing last night when I tried to set next week's new Red Dwarf X on series link. It also tries to record all the old Red Dwarf IV episodes that follow later. I've had to set it as a single programme recording instead.