Confused - What am I Missing


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I've had my HDR T2 for just over a week and today I seem to have hit a problem. When I first set it up I entered all my series links to record as per my old PVR, BT Vision, and all was well.

Last night I went to watch a program that should have recorded on Sunday and it wasn't there. I checked the Schedule and there was nothing scheduled to record at all! So I then checked a few programs that should record during this week in the guide and nothing, no icon to say any of them should record.

I have had to go through all my programs and series and set them up again and they all now appear in the schedule.

What happened? I know I set them up correctly with series links and for just over a week they recorded as planned and I have watched some of them.


Yes I did. I was watching the BBC news channel on Saturday and the picture and sound were breaking up on the Humax but fine on the TV and the BT Vision box despite the aerial going to the Humax first then the Vision box and finally the TV.

The re-tune fixed the problem but I never thought to check the schedule.

Lesson learned, thanks.

Is there any way to back up the recording schedule?
Yes - but you need to load the customised firmware onto the box. If you do that (and the web interface component) then the schedule is automatically backed up daily and can be restored following a retune.