Connecting freesat box to internet


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I would go for the higher speed Homeplug, though, at least 500. You are not going to achieve that speed, but you don't really want Homeplug to be the bottleneck of the spine of your network if you can get 500 for the price of 200Mbps. Cat6 costs little more (if anything) than Cat5e if you buy the patch cables rather than making your own. (Alien crosstalk sounds scary! Is that like Daleks?)

Why would you need that sort of speed ?. Even Blu-ray peaks at around 35Mbps. Cat5 at 100Mbps is more than fast enough. Unless you have a gigabit port on your router cat6 is pointless. Broadcast HD TV is less than 1/3 of that speed.

Unless you want to move a lot of data across your network very quickly then there's no point.

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Really? See HERE (click). Cat6 is also stiffer (if it's not it isn't Cat6). BTW, Devolo HomePlugs come with patch leads supplied.

The Netgear came with a couple of Cat6 cables too, I think. I bought extra cables, about 12 in total, for around £20, a small cost.

Anyway, the Devolo 500s are only slightly more than the Netgear, either sound good. My recommendation was to get the fast ones, not Netgear in particular.


I have a Humax FOXSAT HDR 500Gb which we had fitted about a year ago and works perfectly. Recently I have been trying to figure out how to connect it to the internet so I can view BBC/Itv player through the freesat and TV. We have a BT broadband Wifi homehub but it sits on the other side of the room from the freesat box so using an ethernet cable is not going to be a longterm solution. I went in to John Lewis (where we got the box) for some advice and they sold us a Humax wi-fi dongle which fits into the USB port on the humax box but it did not recognise it and it would not connect to the internet.

I have tried to read various threads on here regarding this issue but I am a total technophobe and struggle to follow the threads! Via the threads and instructions on the humax box I have figured out the following:
1. I could use 'homeplug' adaptors to send the internet through our home wiring and connect each homeplug to the homehub at one end and the humax box at the other. Is this correct? which homeplugs would you recommend? What cables do I need to connect it at both ends?
2. There appears to be some talk on the threads of using a wi-fi adapter plugged into the ethernet poirt of the humax box. This bit completely baffles me! Would this be an easier method to connect the humax box to the internet? Especially as we are short on plug points around the TV anyway!

Basically I am looking for some straight forwards, simple to understand advice/recommendations about how to connect the humax box to the internet. Which of the above options is more reliable/easiest to set up/ less expensive? Please no techno talk you will confuse me!

Many thanks x

I know this is an old thread and solutions have been found but here is a solution for anyone new trying this. It worked for me and its a bit cheaper than homeplugs

Its a bit finnicky setting up but go here for a guide New Tenda W150M WiFi 150MBPS Wifibridge.pdf