connecting Humax boxes and PC



Could anyone help me please.

I have the Humax HDR Fox T2 in one room and the Humax HD Fox T2 in another room.
I have home adapter plugs with ethernet wiring connected to the boxes and the router on the computer. I have enabled sharing and the boxes show the network is connected and the server on. The HDR is showing the other HD T2 in the portal window and vice versa.

I don't know how to view the recordings from the HDR on the other box, nor the files on the computer on the boxes.

I am a complete novice at this and would be really grateful for an idiot's guide to get things working.

i think you'll need to use some sort of media player, like wmp, and hopefully should be straightforward? i managed to do it after a bit of a fiddle!
i think you'll need to use some sort of media player, like wmp, and hopefully should be straightforward? i managed to do it after a bit of a fiddle!

Thanks for your reply. I have looked at WMP after reading something about that but I couldn't sort it that way. I think some people have said there is a problem using WMP 11.0 and Vista, so looking for an alternative.
Viewing recordings from the HDR-FOX T2 using the HD-FOX T2 should be straight-forward. Are you stuck on that? The HDR-FOX T2 needs to be on the latest firmware 1.02.20.

Won't work the other way round of course, and you will only be able to view StDef recordings on the HDR-FOX T2 from the PC (but you need a DLNA-compliant media player to do it, XBMC seems the easiest so far).

In order to view PC content from either of the Humaxes you need a DLNA server service running on the PC, but I'm not well up on that. The Humax is also pretty fussy about file format (more so by streaming than when reading a USB device).
That's what Serviio is - a DLNA server for Windows. Better than WMP on Vista, though WMP seems to work on W7.
Thanks again for replies, really appreciated.
I do have the latest firmware 1.02.20. Before I give it a go, which is the best would you say, XBMC or Serviio? I take it viewing from the HDR on the other box still needs to go through a server.
I've never played with Serviio. XBMC takes a little getting used to, but I was looking last night and it seems to have server capabilities. I couldn't get FF/REW to work last night (I'm sure I have before), and although I'm told a mouse scroll wheel works I generally use a track pad.

The main thing (and the mistake most people seem to fall into, including me) is to be aware of the limitations and not be trying to do something that is impossible. On the other hand, no discoveries are made by assuming something is impossible without trying it!
All these streaming solutions seem pretty hit and miss. Some media formats just don't work with certain devices or certain software - for example, the Hummy will play some (but not all) .mkv files if they're physically on its disk, but will not stream them from a DLNA server. I'm sticking to my media PC - it plays absolutely everything and if ever I find something it doesn't play, I'll just need to locate a codec.
That was my coin-toss a year ago: whether to buy a HiDef PVR or to build a media centre PC. At the time there were no DVB-T2 tuner cards available.
Tried XBMC. A complication for me is that I have a visual impairment and use a magnifier program to be able to use the computer, XBMC stopped the magnifier working. but Serviio works OK with it.

UPDATE Ah Progress I am able to get the recorded programs through from the HDR box to the HD box, though, unfortunately, there is big problems with the sound going off.
I have, also, connected the PC to the Humax successfully using Serviio and can see my files for viewing.

Thanks for the info about the Humax and it's non-compliance with some file types. I will now tackle this and see howI do.
Great, all up and running.

The sound issue sorted. Lost sound was with streamed HD recordings but by pressing pause when playing back on the HD-FOX T2 for 10 seconds and then pressing play it worked afterwards fine.

Thanks to Black Hole, fenlander, bixieupnorth for responses abd advice.

Great to have forums like these where you can get advice