Control Marantz DV4001 with RM-F04?


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I'm about to purchase a used Marantz DV4001 DVD player that has no remote so my plan is to set up my RM-F04 to do the job - is this going to work? My RM-F04 is happily controlling my Panasonic TV, but the manual does not specifically list codes for DVD players. The manual does list codes for Marantz TV units and combined TV/DVD so perhaps I can use one of these codes.

Any input would be much appreciated.

Oops, should have rtfm - or at least the correct version! My (original and therefore old) paper manual ended at page 80 and had no DVD player codes listed. Just downloaded current 108 page pdf copy from Humax UK which of course has exactly what I need. Sorry to have wasted your time!