convert LCN -> tuned UHF channel/frequency


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Is there any way to find out - via either UI, WebIF, or cmdline - the UHF channel (or freq) that is being used for a particular LCN, please?

i.e. assuming I'm receiving from more than one transmitter, and I want to know for sure which is which (and the signal strengths are not different enough to make it obvious).

I'm not in front of the box at the mo, but if i remember right, you can tune in to the channel in question, then go to the Signal Checker part of the Humax menu.. This should tell you the UHF channel its on.
thanks, but I thought that the signal checker only shows you each mux that it has tuned in, and the UHF ch number for each.

I'll double check... perhaps it starts with the current LCN's mux.
Yes, you're absolutely right: the signal checker starts off showing the mux for the current LCN.

thanks again.