Copy files to Humax 2 gig max?


I was trying to copy some files to the humax so the kids could watch some stuff from it the other day but only 2 of the 4 files I was trying to copy over actually made it over. 2 of the file in question where over 2 gig but the other 2 copied over fine. I did end up with the filenames but they where 0bytes on the files that didnt copy over.

I know they work becuase I can copy them to a USB stick and play them from that no problem I just wanted them on the box.

There there a way to get files that are greater than 2 gb on to the box? from my PC I can see the humax as a item on the network and that is how I got the first 2 files on there but the others wouldnt copy over.
The normal limit is 4GiB. See Things Every... (click) section 12. What firmware are you running? Are you sure your UPD has enough free space?

In the back of my mind there is something about the Humax not calculating the free space requirement properly, so you might need more space than you think. Have you tried FTP (the files would need to be decrypted first)?
Thanks for the quick reply black, I am currently running 2.17.

I am copying files from my PC across the network to the internal drive of the Humax. It only has trouble with files are are 2+ gig. I know this is an issue that is fixable becuase there are files on the internal drive that are over 2gig.

This is a similar problem I had but mine only seemed to occur with external usb drives - attempting to copy and paste/drag and drop files using my PC/Windows explorer onto external drives connected to the Humax only seemed to work if they are less than 2GB (it complained of space even though there was plenty) however I discovered almost by accident I could copy any file size directly to Humax hdd then use the remote to subsequently move them to the external usb drives.

Not much help directly for you Slade2 but I wondered if the same issue at heart was causing both problems and might help someone diagnose it...
There is a known problem with some network operations for files larger than 2GiB, I believe it is the samba package (I thought that was fixed?). Are your packages up to date?

If you can play them from USB I don't understand why you can't copy them onto the Humax that way.