Copy HD Recordings and keeping surround sound

Okay thanks. I didn't realise that there was a difference between auto-unprotect or decrypt manually. I've got auto unprotect running and just had a look at the files which are show DEC on the file I did manually before I installed auto unprotect but on a file after this installation I have the option to decrypt manually still. Package nfs-utils is not installed either so I'll do that. I obviously need to experiment more and I'll recheck that excellent Wiki and Things Every...... doc.
To summarise:

auto-unprotect only prepares a HiDef recording for decryption or non-DRMed streaming, it doesn't actually decrypt it. A recording doesn't need to be decrypted to stream it using the Humax DLNA server, only unprotected - because the DLNA server decrypts it automatically in transit. To do this the Humax DLNA server needs to be turned on: Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Setting >> Content Share = On.

Once decrypted (by any of the available methods, including setting recursive auto-decryption for the whole of MyVideo in the WebIF), a recording file can be shared on the network - this is not the same as streaming. To share a file requires that custom firmware is used to set up a network server. nfs-utils is one such, and creates a Mac/Linux-compatible NFS network file store. samba creates a Windows/Linux compatible SMB file store. The advantage of file sharing rather than DLNA streaming is that the media player should perform exactly as if the file were stored locally.

Raydon (post 18) is talking about streaming by DLNA/UPnP, which does not require network file sharing or decryption, only unprotection (for HiDef recordings, not even that for StDef). Installing the Mediatomb DLNA server on the Humax as an alternative to the standard one allows the user to configure it to some extent, but requires served content to have been decrypted first.
Okay thanks to all and I have found where I was being stupid. I was mistakenly looking for files when I should have been selecting a share or DLNA source folder. Having gripped that, all is now seen and working. I have also clarified to myself the process of unprotecting and decrypting. XBMC (which I don't know too well) seems to insist on having subtitles on by default so I'm often having to switch that off and I can't see an option to not have it do this. However, I'm much happier now.............:lol:
The only place Dolby Digital comes in is because most home cinema amps can't decode AAC, the HDR Fox T2 transcodes the AAC to Dolby Digital before outputting it over optical. I'm not sure what happens over HDMI, the AAC could be transcoded to multichannel LPCM or it could still be Dolby Digital.
My amplifier, connected by HDMI, reports Dolby, rather than PCM.
I've observed the following. When playing back using DLNA (Windows 8 built-in DLNA server), the Humax plays stereo unless you go to the system menu and choose (again) the Dolby surround option for audio. This option reset works for the currently playing file. It appears to be some sort of bug in the Humax software. Has anyone else observed this, or is it something to do with my setup?