Copying recorded files from a HDR-Fox T2 to a HDR-1100S


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We've just moved house and had to change from Freeview to FreeSAT. The old Freeview box has a lot of past episodes we haven't watched yet. The two boxes are connected to a network switch. Is there some way to copy all the recordings from the old Fox T2 to the 1100S, possibly with some conversion on the way?

Many thanks

The simplest way will be if the 1100S has a DLNA client, in which case all you need to do is turn on the HDR-FOX, set Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Setting >> Content Share = On (and leave it for a while to do its indexing). You should then have access to at least the StDef recordings streamed to the1100S.

Alternatives depend whether you have (or have not) decrypted the recordings on the HDR-FOX (if you don't know, then you haven't), and whether you have any HiDef recordings in the mix.

(Bear in mind I have no knowledge of the 1100S's capability with regard to playing external media, but assume it's broadly similar to the other Humax Freeview/Freesat boxes)