Copying Schedule Backup file from one box to another


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I have 2 HDR FOX T2s. Both have the latest custom firmware and both are on my home network. My main box (with the bigger HDD) seems to have developed a fault on the aerial input connection. I have tried various aerial leads but with all of them, any slight movement of the cable at the back of the box results in signal dropout or pixelation. I presume there is a dodgy connection in the aerial connector somewhere and I need to get into the box to see if I can find and fix the problem.

Any advice on that would be great too, but what I want to know regarding the custom firmware is can I can copy a schedule backup file created on the main box across to the second box and restore it to there? I have had a quick look at the files on ftp but I can't see where the schedule backup files that I have created are stored. Has anyone successfully done this or know where the backup files are stored in the file structure?
Just to update in case anyone else needs to do this, it works perfectly.

I just used ftp to copy the relevant rbk file from the /mod/var/backup/ directory on main box, via my PC to same directory on the second box. It then appears on the list of backups available on the second box and I just restored it from there. It copies the favourite channels across too, but as mine are the same on both boxes anyway that is not a problem.