I have four 2gb external drives formatted in Ext3 which I periodically connect to one of my boxes to archive content according to genre. I generally delete the files from my box as the next command on the remote as I go along.

For some months now, I have been monitoring an issue were the word "Copying..." is displayed on the TV as expected, but the Webif banner shows no activity other than watching. The HDDs are permanently under the TV cabinet, so I can't see the lights.

The only way out of this that I have found is the switch on the back - if I disconnect the drive, the stacked delete commands delete the files from the box before they are copied.

I have tried both the custom and stock kernels, but not noticed any difference. Otherwise everything is on the latest version.

Today I think that this may be triggered by running the dedup process while the copying is taking place. TI did this when I encountered a folder I had not yet flagged for auto-dedup.

Is there a more insightful way of checking if copying is going on?

Does this hypothesis make sense to those with a fuller understanding of the firmware? If so is it a bug which is easily fixed?

Any suggestions on how to get round this?


If you are using the USB connection?
Could you use the "Cut" to "File Clipboard" and then "Paste" to the external HDD commands, from within the WebIF media browser, instead?