Correct way of calculating free space?


Dear all

On the Foxsat-HDR, the box, stat, df and SMB don't agree on how much free space for recordings is available.


Box: Video: Used = 852.4GB, Free = 103.4GB.

stat: 4096 233362847 25247205: Used = 890.21GB, Free = 96.31GB.

df: 933451388 832462568 53572172 94% /mnt/hd3: Used = 890.21GB, Free = 51.09GB.

SMB: Free = 51.0GB.

0.ts: 17.83GB.

Who is right?

Thank you, that makes sense and in fact 5% would be about 50GB so the numbers add up with this in mind.

I'll experiment with creating temporary files and test how far I can push the storage in terms of still being able to record.
Confirming that stat provides the correct information, df and SMB report free space without taking the 5% into account.