Corrupted HD recordings

After a quick bit of advise please where I should look for an issue we've been having for a while.

In summary problem is watching HD recordings we get a lot of break up like it had bad signal with picture breaking up and sound dropping out, I've only noticed it on HD recordings and gets a lot of complaints when the important bit of Corrie is broken up etc!

It seems to have got worse over recent months and have tended to assume it is aerial related as we have probably the original 1970's aerial on the roof, connected through a couple of F-type joins due to relocating of tv due to house extension etc. and some big trees between us and the nearby transmitter (Brierley Hill). It didn't change for better or worse when all the channels shifted frequencies recently.

The only thing is I have never seen it glitch like this on live TV, we were watching BGT tonight before Millionaire and watching it from chase recording and it was breaking up a lot. It has been sat there rest of the evening on HD and SD channels without any issues at all afaik watching live.

Rewinding and you get exactly the same break up so it is logically at reception or record stage, not the playback process.

I've just gone back and fast forward watched through one of the programs we watched live and the recording that was being done seemed fine though could have missed glithc of course.

Could the recording process be getting interrupted due to disc errors, other processes or the like? Are there any logs I can look at which might tell me why?

Any pointers appreciated, wil have a look through all the logs I can find and turn off some of the extras to see if it helps - did run a disk fix recently due to getting stuck in deleting loop, but has been doing the glitching before and after that though.



This is on HDR-FOX-T2 with 1Tb drive upgraded ages ago.


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The first thing to check is the signal strength and quality the box thinks it's getting.
If those aren't right then it's aerial/downloads or possibly a failing tuner.
I'd they are good then it's more likely internal to the box. (Yes, I know the tuners are internal, but they deal with the outside too :p )
It appears that a lot of people use decrypt and detect ads during recording without problems, I find that it causes picture breakup of the recording. So that is a possibility to consider and easy to verify.

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Yes, check whether you have background processing coincident with the breakups (and if necessary set the time bands in which auto-processing is allowed, but also run a disk check.
Thanks, for starters I have turned off the auto-processing during some of the evening hours it is most likely to be in use and disabled it during recording - I hadn't noticed that option before to specifically disable during record, but quite possible it was still trying to work on decrypting previous recorded program while next one recorded etc. and taxing disc or processor too much perhaps?

Will see what happens first just disabling that rather than fiddling with multiple and proving nothing. Like I said (sorry was long post!) I assumed signal drop outs or interference or the like but no reason to think so really when live broadcasts are never broken up.

If not will kick off another disc check overnight and report back, thanks.
As follow up we haven't had a single problem with break up on recordings since turning off the background processing option during recordings - must just have been too much going on with the extra work. I don't know why it has only recently started happening but doesn't matter, works perfectly again now and lots less moaning about break up of crucial moments on soaps and reaching for the TV remote to watch on catch-up :)

So many thanks for suggesting that, wouldn't even thought about checking that as without any logs to go by was assuming signal issue.