Corrupted Recordings on Customised HD-T2...again!


A few months back I posted my unfortunate experience when I suddenly found lots of my recordings corrupted (basically due to weird random deletion of many files.)

Since then I've left the customised firmware on but not really used it very much. In that time I've not noticed any further corruptions.

Today, for the first time I wanted to backup some recordings so booted into HDR mode via telnet.
It booted fine but I noticed my external hard drive was chugging a lot even though I wasn't doing anything. It then hung when I tried to access a memory stick.

I rebooted back into regular HD-T2 mode and thought I'd check my recordings. To my dismay lots of them (about a third) have been deleted / corrupted again. I'd only been in HDR mode a couple of minutes and hadn't done anything.

So it seems it's connected with booting into HDR mode - which I'll avoid from now on. Which is a shame because decrypting was the main reason for hacking it in the first place.

I guess I'm posting this as a warning - though it doesn't seem to have happened to anyone else which is good (except for me).
You're right, I am aware of at least one satisfied customer for HDR Mode (and there are of course many more) and few complaints. Sorry something is going wrong for you.