Could not lock ..

Roy Coldrick

New Member
I installed the customised software using a USB stick and everything seemed to work well.
I then brought up the 'temporary' web interface on an ipad and it displayed as expected.
I pressed the Yellow Button. First time nothing happened for more than 10 minutes so I turned Hummy off and on and started the web-if again. This time it quickly gave the message:

opkg-conf-load: Could not lock /tmp/opkg.lock: Resource temporarily unavailable

WError retrieving package listfrom the internet. Please check connection and try again.

The Internet connection is fine as far as I can tell - albeit a bit slow.

Is there an obvious cause of this?

I have retried the same procedure from a laptop with the same result.
You are not alone it seems. My HDR's are reporting the same. Must be a problem with the server?

EDIT: I take it back. Working fine from my PC, I had trouble when I was using my iPad. I think it was because the pages don't render well in iOS7 and I was being impatient.
I now have to confess that i missed the note about not installing with 1.3.06 so that may explain it for me.

Now the web-if isn't as expected and i don't know quite what to do. My gut feeling is that i should remove the customised firmware from the hummy and wait for an update. Looking at the method of removal it seems Telnet is the way .

Is there any risk of making the hummy unuseable by using telnet when the software is not installed correctly.

The removal procedure is in the Wiki: and removing the customised firmware with a problem installation has been discussed recently here: Firmware 1.03.06 has been found to install and run fine on older boxes (both non-custom and custom). Running the 'return to manufacturer procedure' and flashing with the required version of the official firmware will get you back to where you came from.