Could someone confirm my workflow please


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I have an HD FOX T2 with latest custom firmware and just want to confirm that the following is the best way to get decrypted HD video onto my PC.

Background: I have BootHDR, autounprotect, mediatomb, virtualdisk, and webif installed. I also have 1 tb USB HDD attached.

1. Boot into HDRmode by Telnet from my PC
2. With remote navigate to HD video and press Opt+
3. Select copy to virtual disk
4. Wait until it finishes copying
5. Open Mediatomb navigate to /Database/PC Directory/media/virtual/
6. Click the newley copy video which starts downloading it to my machine.

Is that correct? I am happy that it works though I fear if the above is the best way that it is a bit cumbersome to do for a btach job of all HD videos.

Thanks in advance.


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Once it's decrypted and on the virtual disk you could just FTP it down to your machine by installing the betaftpd package or use SCP via the dropbear-ssh package.

Otherwise I'm afraid that's as simple as it gets on the HD model.

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There are a couple of minor improvements I can suggest: you can batch-copy (decrypt) by pressing the red button in the media browser to select a group of recordings (within one folder) or select a whole folder from the next level up - you could (as a preparatory operation) move all the files you wish to decrypt into one folder first (fast); then instead of downloading to PC just move the USB drive across physically (you will need a helper app on the PC to read it).


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I have activated the samba server on my HD Fox T2 and use this for copying to the PC.

After copying to the vitual folder ( or any sub folder within it), I use Windows explorer on my Windows 7 laptop, navigate to the virtual folder on the HD Fox T2 and simply copy the files from there to a folder on my laptop hard disc, or to a folder on an external hard disc. Using this method you can copy several files from the HD Fox T2 to a PC in a batch.

To check the files are copied as expected, I use VLC on the PC to play them.

I have also used the method suggested by Black Hole to batch copy on the HD Fox i.e. "by pressing the red button in the media browser to select a group of recordings", before using the Opt+ key.

Hope that all makes sense.