Couple of niggles on "new" FoxSat HDR


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Have just taken the plunge and bought a brand new 320GB FoxSat HDR (end-of-line stock from well known retailer @ £143). Having had a PVR9200T for many years I knew pretty much what to expect. Just a couple of niggles.

  1. I see that to use the BACK button to go to previous channel one has to hit the i button first (and subsequently clear the on screen display after changing channels). Does anyone know if there is any hope that Humax will change this in a later software update so that just hitting the BACK button does the job as it should do (and as described in the manual and as it was on the 9200)?
  2. The HD recording time (according to the retailer's and many other retailers' blurbs) is indicated as 80 hours. But looking at the HDD info on the screen, even with Music / Photos partition at the smallest allowable size (1GB), the HD time on the Video/Radio partition is around 39 hours. Looking on the Humax blurbs there isn't a recording time shown. Does anyone want to tell me that it should be more than what I'm seeing on the HDD?
As an aside (for now), I've seen that others have complained of slow response after upgrading HDD to larger size. Is this genuinely a problem?
Your Q1. Mine does that as well, but I have only just noticed since you asked the question (I never use it to back up to the previous prog) WRT Humax 'fixing' this, it seems unlikely as either tyhey havn't noticed it or dont give a d***. They have upgraded the firmware a couple times to fix other things then again to fix the things that they broke in the first fix.

I upgraded my HDD to 1TB and have no slowdown. But it is reported that if you go to 2TB it slows down loading the media list as there can be so much of it. As I said, I have noticed no difference other than the larger storage.

An hout of HD is generally a bit under 4GB, so the blurb is taking the whole 320GB divide by 4 gives 80 hours. You calculate the missing GB for audio and photos etc. 1TB/4 = 250hours (nominal) probably closer to 200 hours of HD (That's a lot of stuff)