Crash Log - Root Cause?


My HDR crashed last night but I have no ideas why. The crash log notes that it crashed, but I knew that. Sorry if this has been covered, but wondered if anyone can give me a pointer as to where to look for the cause?

The crash log will give an indication when the crash happened so that you can get some idea what was happening at that time e.g. Humax crashed - Uptime: 22530, It may be easier to look at the time stamp on the crash log file, as that will also give the time and date of when the file was last written to e.g. :-
humax# ls -al /mod/tmp/crash.log
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 30 Dec 18 00:15 /mod/tmp/crash.log
I was watching the LCD as the crash happened so am fairly sure of the time. Just not sure where to poke around and see if I can find a cause.
Was the reboot shortly after turning the Humax on or a while afterwards. What was the box doing at the time?

There are a couple of known causes for a crash:
  • if there is a media server on the same network running certain versions of Twonky;
  • if there is a corrupt file on disk and the DLNA (Content Sharing feature) tries to index it.
If it's a one-off, it's unlikely to be either of those. The Humax code will contain bugs, you just triggered one. It is most likely not reproducible.
Thanks AF. There's a chance it was caused by my RPi, I'll keep an eye out and see if it happens again. I've just swapped the Disk out today for a 1Tb (from a Virgin Tivo off fleabay, which in my case turned out to be a Seagate Pipeline btw) so if it was a disk error that will be gone now. However I did run some tests on the old disk with no error. Like you say, maybe just one of thise things.