Crash/Reboot cycle that's cured by attaching to network


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The past couple of weekends our Humax has gone into a crash/reboot cycle when switched in the morning.

According to the crash log, the reboots take place every 66-84 seconds, and the machine works during this time, then the picture freezes (sound continues) as it crashes.

The only way I've found to cure it is to plug the network cable into the network, and as soon as this is done it is fine, even with the network cable removed.

The only thing that has changed in the Humax's vicinity is that I've created a network TV sender out of two Raspberry PIs, which creates a kind of server using TVheadend (not Twonky). However, these aren't switched on or connected to the network when the issue happens, and neither is the Humax.

Is this something that has cropped up before? I've been looking through old posts but can't seem to find anything. Does the Humax need to 'phone home' to be happy?
I can't remember the exact circumstances, if I can find the reference I will report back, but there is a situation where if the network is connected at boot but the HDR fails to get an appropriate response on it there is a crash, but IIRC that goes away if the network is disconnected at boot time. The only other thing I can think of is if you have an IPTV service tuned at boot.

You're right, it does sound weird.

Steps for Resolving HDR-FOX Crash/Reboot Issues (click) paragraph 2A.
Thanks for the info/tip BH. I'll have a play, and will first try a different channel for the 4am OTA update block.

Annoyingly (from a diagnostic point of view) the issue only seems to happen on the first boot of the day so will wait until next weekend so I can be around to see what happens.
That does rather point at the service you have set for your OTA block (which needs to cover either side of 4.30 rather than 4am).