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Menu >> Settings >> System >> Data Storage >> Format Storage. The "format" offered during a Menu >> Settings >> Installation >> Factory Default operation is only a quick format (erase file system) and not at all what you want.

No, probably not.
thanks Black Hole - yes found that option - although the option is greyed out since it can't be read by the Humax. I logged into telnet and it said disk was unmounted. I did wonder if I'd inadvertently gone back to an old firmware which was making a difference - but I think from what I've read, the HUmax would still recognise a drive there whatever firmware I was running.

re: green screen - I've left the Humax connected to the old HDD overnight and no crashes. I haven't tried playback of any of the recordings, but they do seem to be there.
I will disconnect the scart and reconnect the hdmi cable and see if it goes back to green screen.
on start up (when connected to hdmi cable) there is a thin green line on the right hand side of the screen - have you seen this before?
I've tried two different hdmi cables (but haven't tried two different hdmi slots on the TV)
I don't know how sensitive the HDMI input slot is - but could it be damaged? if it were damaged, what would happen?
should I be thinking about buying a 2nd hand machine...!?
thanks again!


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If the new disk isn't discovered by Seatools Bootable in the same way that the old one is, that should be a good enough proof of death. You could take pix of the screens to support your return.


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I tried connecting the external drive straight into the usb port at the front of the Humax and using the opt + button, but the Humax said that there was not enough storage. I'm assuming that this is due to the incompatible formatting. However, it could be because it's not a compatible USB stick

given that all my backup files are on the external drive under an exfat format - I don't really want to reformat the external drive.
You need the exfat package loaded and the exfat filesystem must be in a partition (it almost certainly will be). Then the external drive should appear in the list shown with Media>Storage(Blue)>USB and you should be able to copy stuff off with the on-screen UI subject to available space on the external disk.

While adding context for the link-averse, I noted your use of "USB stick" vs "external drive". Shouldn't make any difference in principle but "USB stick" implies a smaller capacity to me.
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