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Creating thumbnails for files uploaded to the HDR-FOX T2


Has anyone cracked how video thumbnails work on the PVR?

I'd love to be able to somehow create the necessary files for the PVR to display a thumbnail image in the media listings for the MP4 / AVI's i've uploaded to the box.

Adding some program info would also be awesome if that could be done.

When i last asked it was very early days in the understanding of the HDR-FOX T2, but things have come on a long way since then. I'm hoping maybe this might be possible now?



Hi, I would like to bump this thread! I am keen on being able to have a package which goes through a folder and creates thumbnails from the files which have not been recorded by the PVR itself. The ability to also search through network files and create thumbnails would be added bonus! :)

Black Hole

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I'm full of bright ideas at the moment: how about something like Nicesplice except it looks for the first bookmark in a recording and copies the still frame to the thumbnail file?