Cropping Failure


EDIT - title should say Cropping Failure - fat finger syndrome

I've recorded a program that is 10.36GB in size from BBC1 HD

I've set the bookmarks to use to cut out the sections I don't want

When I use the 'crop' function in Webif (recording is 2:29:32 total length, and 1:32:47 (62.05%) when cropped), it reaches 29% and then jumps straight to 100% and gives the following text stating the copybuffer is too small:-

Processing Six Nations_ Wales v Scotland_20120212_1429 Moving recording to /media/My Video/Rugby/_original Six Nations_ Wales v Scotland_20120212_1429.thm Six Nations_ Wales v Scotland_20120212_1429.ts Six Nations_ Wales v Scotland_20120212_1429.nts Six Nations_ Wales v Scotland_20120212_1429.hmt Runtime Error: execute.jim:40: read header /media/My Video/Rugby/_original/Six Nations_ Wales v Scotland_20120212_1429.hmt (13184 bytes) found bookmark - 1941 found bookmark - 4636 found bookmark - 5441 found bookmark - 8313 progLen = 8972s, 4 bookmarks, HD = 1 read 300261 entries from /media/My Video/Rugby/_original/Six Nations_ Wales v Scotland_20120212_1429.nts cut at nan seconds = frame 59322 (1941613) cut at nan seconds = frame 152346 (4636661) cut at nan seconds = frame 176578 (5441544) cut at nan seconds = frame 280413 (8313499) Adjusted cut 0.out down from 0 to 0 Adjusted cut up from 59322 to 59332 Adjusted cut 1.out up from 152346 to 152357 Adjusted cut down from 176578 to 176567 Adjusted cut 2.out up from 280413 to 280416 Adjusted cut up from 300261 to 300261 new Section - rounding down to chunk at frame 59332 (0 out) from 2273024063 to 2273023872 copybuffer too small - got 786432, need 4294974016 at frame 112557 at file "execute.jim", line 40

It creates an 'Original' folder and moves the original recording there, but does not leave the cropped version in the folder

Any ideas as to why it's failing?
Check again for the cropped version. It can take quite a while for it to be copied. You may just have lost the end.
If that's the case split the recording at halftime, carry out your crop on each half, then rejoin.

You may have hit the buffers. It is a large file.
You can always try again. Move the original back to /videos. The bookmarks will still be in place. Rename or delete the old cropped version if it is there. I don't think you can have two files with the same name.
the copybuffer is too small
It looks like the copy buffer is meant to hold a 'frame' a small part of the whole file, So the overall file size isn't the problem. However the maximum frames size allowable is 786KB (the largest frame Drutt envisaged was 600KB). Your file is reporting a single frame size of 4.3GB. Drut did say he was looking into handling bigger frames
As an update to this thread:-

I have now found out that when it atemps to crop the recording and fails, it puts a copy in to an 'original' folder, but this 'original' recording now becomes unplayable on the Hummy

I get a message on the TV saying that "the channel is scrambled or not available"

Also in Webif, it says the 'original' recording is Decrypted, but it's not