'Cross Channel' Series Recording

Well, I am only talking about my experience of recording F1 last year when the whole series of recordings had the same CRID for both BBC1 and BBC2. When I set up the race series on BBC1, I was peed off because it did not record the Practice and Quali on BBC2. I had to set up another series on BBC2 to catch the latter two events.
When I queried it here when it first happened, I was informed that series recordings would not 'cross channel' record, and my failed recordings bore this out.

So as I am obviously totally incompetent about setting up a series recording, how do you do it so that it 'cross channel' records?

@IPN. Ah, I see. No suggestions then, sorry ;=(

I had exactly the same experience with F1 last year as well.
Six Nations Highlights - first programme tonight at 7pm on 2 and the next one is next Saturday at 2pm on 1. Then there's another swap to 2 next Sun at 7pm.
I've set my spare machine!
I'm late to the party for today, but next weekend...

Looks like we'll have a fair data set soon :)
I've set mine up on an HD-FOX, using the Sunday broadcast to select series recording on StDef. As expected, there are three linked events, and although they all list as BBC1, going into the details offers BBC1HD as the HiDef alternative on the Saturday programmes, but BBC2HD on the Sunday highlights.
All my recordings from yesterday/today on 1,2,101,102 were/are successful, thus proving that series links do work across channels with only one item in the recording schedule.
I suspect all the other testers have/will find the same.
Pretty sure we've seen combinations of recordings appear from, Channel 4, Channel 4HD, Channel 4+1, and Channel 47 I think it was from a single chosen series record on the remote control before now and just removed the duplicates as we watch them.