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CRT TV, DVD and T2 connection

Discussion in 'HDR-FOX T2 Freeview Recorder' started by rafletcher, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. rafletcher

    rafletcher Member

    I've replaced my Toppy with a FOX T2 Humax, but have run into a problem connecting it up with the TV and DVD. With the Toppy it was easy - it has a scart pass-through, so it was DVD>scart>Toppy>scart>TV.

    I should mention that the TV is an old CRT one, with 1 scart and 1 co-ax input. The DVD is equally elderly, and has only a single scart (output) connection. It also has RCA video & audio outputs.

    I guess if I try DVD>scart>TV and T2>co-ax>TV there will be a conflict when recording on the T2 and watching on the DVD - how would the TV know which input to display (I'm assuming here that when recording the T2 is "live" and would be outputting to the TV). So, pending upgrade of DVD to HDMI equipped player and a new TV with multiple HDMI inputs, what does the panel suggest?

    I was thinking I could use DVD>RCA video/audio>T2>scart>TV, would that work and enbale the DVD to override the T2 on playback? EDIT - No of course not dummy, the connections on both the DVD and the T2 are outputs!!! So I think my only option is the one below?

    Or I thought of a scart splitter so both DVD and T2 feeding into a scart box with a single output, but again how (without manual switching, which is a possibility in the short term as the DVD is rarely used) would the DVD output override the T2 output?

    Suggestions (other than buying a new TV and Blu-Ray player!) welcome.
  2. framedtoo

    framedtoo Member

    automatic scart switch

    google search should find you some
  3. Black Hole

    Black Hole May contain traces of nut

    As above. There is no pass-through on the HDR-FOX (sorry - I now realise you know that).

    An alternative possibility: a UHF modulator box from Maplin - it takes a SCART input and outputs a UHF signal on an aerial co-ax, you could feed the DVD into it and tune the TV into the modulator signal as if it were an analogue station, thus reserving the SCART for the Hummy. An old VCR you might have kicking about already would do much the same thing.
  4. rafletcher

    rafletcher Member

    Thanks guys - but would an auto-switch work? Stupid question I know, but how would it know which input to prioritise to the output? I've a simple passive 2-into-1 scart connector that I tried , and when the DVD was switched on the TV picture went haywire and wouldn't play back the DVD output which I guess could have been predicted :)
  5. Brian

    Brian Administrator Staff Member

    Personally, I would use a Manual Scart switch, this will let you watch which device you want without being interrupted if the other device starts up. Another benefit is that it helps to keep you fit as you may have to get up out of your chair to switch devices.:)
  6. rafletcher

    rafletcher Member

    Thanks Brian, my thinking too.
  7. framedtoo

    framedtoo Member

    the auto switches i have looked at in the past, the scarts are prioitised

    so lets say you have a two scart switch, it would be switched to scart1 has normal, you then turn whatever you have connected to scart2 on, the device would switch to scart2, and when you turn it off it would switch back to scart1.

    therefore, humax scart1, DVD scart2

    if you when with the manual switch, but didn't like the inconvenience of getting up, position the switch so you could see the buttons, have a long stick at hand, and use that to press the buttons, then at least it would be semi automatic:D