Custom Firm Undelete not deleting on T2


I have undelete installed. Does anyone know why the deleted files don't empty out of the deleted folder automatically ? I have to delete them manually Ive tried the default 7 day and one day delete. Or have I missed something ? I have about 65GB free space on my HDD I am running 1.03.12
Probably the auto process isn't working for some reason. What does the empty_dustbin.log file say on the Diagnostics page?
From the File Editor, also on that page, you could check the /mod/etc/anacrontab file has a line like this in it:
1 6 empty_dustbin /mod/sbin/empty_dustbin -l

Uninstalling and reinstalling the Undelete package ought to fix it.
Thanks for you reply 1 6 empty_dustbin /mod/sbin/empty_dustbin -l was there so I clicked on remove then reinstalled and selected the one day auto empty. Two days later and it looks like its now auto emptying Thanks for your help