Custom Firmware HD-FOX+


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Hi there,

I'm a German student using a Humax HD-FOX+ (with HD+ by ASTRA).
Until I wrote this post I was searching for a Custom Frimware to 'jailbreak' the HD+ restrictions.

I also found some packages (e.g. HUMMYPKG), BUT I'm not sure about the compatibility to my SAT - BOX.

Now imagine me two questions:
  1. Are there any 'hacks' / 'roots' / 'custom firmwares' existing that are able to decode this HD+ ?
  2. Which package is compatible to my HD-FOX+ (!! with HD+ card !!) and contains a GERMAN LANGUAGE SETTING.
Installed Software: AZSNA 1.00.11
I would be delighted if you are able helping me.
Thank you.
Sorry the HD FOX+ uses a different file system from the HD-FOX T2 based boxes, and hence the custom firmweare here is not going to work on your box, and i don't think anybody on here has looked into doing any work at hacking this box.

However I have noticed on other forums/websites that people have done some work on this box, but I can't recall where.

As for installing the packages for this firmware, you can't install them on your box until you have access to the file system, however it may well be posiable (with a lot of work - it has taken over 1 year for the guys here to get this far) for you or somebody else to hack the file system, and then encorperate the packages here to work on the box, but I suspect it will take quite a lot of porting
Thank you! You were a great help.
Now I knwo I either wait and hope, or I have to go ahead trying to do some stuff on my own.