Custom Firware Install Problem

Steve Pritchard

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Hi all, my first post on the forum although I've visited quite a few times.
I decided to install the custom firmware on my T2 PVR but seem to be having problems.

Steps taken

I've downloaded it to a FAT32 formatted memory stick.

shut down Humax

Restarted Humax

Firmware seems to install - progress on tv screen and on humax LED
I also think that the firmware on my Humax was downgraded during the process.

However on completion when I'm told to restart to finish there is no indication that it has worked and I can't connect to the web address on the box (message is that the ip address is not accepting connections)
I can ping it OK
I can't telnet to it (not sure if it would take a telnet to that address )

If there are any obvious things I could try I'd be really grateful for the advice, it's bound to be something that I'm doing wrong :)

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Black Hole

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If the USB-loaded firmware has "taken" you should see a brief indication on the front panel display during boot time. There is a possibility that you have in fact downloaded and installed one of the standard firmware versions and not the custom firmware for a particular version of standard firmware.

To confirm you have network access to the correct IP address, you could turn on the FTP server in the HDR-FOX Internet Setting menu page and try FTP access to that IP address. The same address will be valid for web browser access or Telnet once the custom firmware is indeed installed.

Steve Pritchard

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Hi Black-Hole - thanks for the quick response.

OK FTP works fine to that address

So my 30 years of working in IT have let me down - I have in fact not read the download page properly and downloaded an official firmware.

Thanks so much for opening my eyes !!