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Custom FW w/ Official FW 1.02.26

Discussion in 'HD/HDR-FOX T2 Customised Firmware' started by njm, May 13, 2012.

  1. njm

    njm Member

    Hello all,

    Does anybody know which version of the custom firmware to use with version 1.02.26 of the official firmware? This version isn't mentioned on the Wiki or the HUMAX Beta website. The information from my "System Information" screen is as follows:

    Model Name: HDR-FOX T2
    Software Version: FHTCP 1.02.26
    Loader Version: a7.31
    System ID: 80BC.7E00
    Update Date: 03 JAN 2012
    MICOM Version: 9.3
    MAC Address: ... (you don't need to know that)

    Do you think I should downgrade to 1.02.20 or upgrade to 1.02.27?

  2. Black Hole

    Black Hole Theloniuos Abbot

    There is no version for 1.02.26, only a few units are in the field with this revision and it has never been made available for download (or OTA) so af123 has had nothing to work with.

    If you want to go custom, either upgrade or downgrade your standard firmware to 1.02.27 or 1.02.20 first.

    1.02.27 is fine, but I do advise installing disable-dso to kill off its over-enthusiastic retune tendencies.
  3. njm

    njm Member

    Ok, thanks. I'll downgrade to 1.02.20.

    Any idea what the differences between 20 & 26 are? It must be available online somewhere (or OTA) because the first thing I did when I plugged the box in was update it (it was connected over ethernet, too, so I'm not sure where the update came from).

    I must be special :)
  4. ChrisDaniels

    ChrisDaniels Well-Known Member

    .26 will have come with the box when you bought it, there is no other way to obtain it.
    Also, incase you are not aware how it works, the higher the version number, the better (usually).
    .26 will contain most of the features of .27 but as its not been properly released by humax, we have no way of knowing.
  5. Ezra Pound

    Ezra Pound Well-Known Member

    1.02.26 was not 'officially' released because of problems with Audio Description, as far as we are aware, it's the same as 1.02.27 in every other respect
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