Custom Portal - Sky Player Problem

hi newby here, i installed the new modified firmware 1.14 and the custom portal firm ware, i have a sky player login and signed in on the portal all the sky player loads but when i try to watch it comes up with error code 0202 and will not let me watch anything , have checked on sky go website and my humax is registered device, also after coming out of portal i can not change channels using numbered buttons , any ideas please


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Welcome to the forum, your thread title has been changed to something more appropriate at the request of another member.
There is already a thread about the Custom Portal, and Sky Player is discussed from Page 7 Here, it will probably be worth you posting your problem there.
Streaming live TV is okay for me, though I do get the odd 0701 error sometimes, but On Demand doesn't work at all i get the same 0701 pop up every time. Think it could be a network problem just dont know what it is. Anyone got on demand working on the HD?
I've just been familiarising myself with the portal mod. For the Sky portal
I can confirm that all "on demand" services produce an 0701 error on my box.
I cannot find any reference to exactly what that code means.

All other sky services seem to work fine.
A bit of info I picked up this week - sky are now dissabling playback of certain programs depending on the equipment you are trying to view it on.
e.g. This week the Movie Blade Runner would not play on the Humax due to claimed "licence issues" by sky.