Custom Portal with HD FOX T2 and Wireless


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My setup is : HD FOX T2, wall mounted behind TV, with wireless usb dongle attached to USB port - all neat and tidy.

Now, I'd really like to be able to use the custom portal (esp for Sky).

But ... I have a bit of a catch-22 ...

As you know the HD Fox T2 only has one USB port.

If I use the custom firmware then I need to stick an ext2 formatted UPD into the USB for it to work, which means I can't use it for my wireless dongle ... which means I can't use the custom portal to connect to the Internet.

Is there a way round this? Is the a package/bundle I can load that allows me to use the custom portal (Sky app), but doesn't require the UPD to be in permenantly?

Here's hoping!

A small USB hub would be the best solution if you can hide it neatly because you can use all of the custom firmware features, but otherwise it should be possible to build a custom-custom firmware that incorporates just the custom portal components.
I've built a firmware image that includes the portal. Should find time to test it tomorrow.
Thought about USB hub, but wasn't sure the hummy would like having 2 different types of device on the one port (1 mass storage and 1 network). Will dig see if I can find one and try it out.

The custom-custom firmware sounds excellent though ... if you do get time, point me in the right direction.