Custom software installation problem


I have downloaded the correct file:


and renamed it to:


Followed the instructions here:

Customised HDF file released | | a discussion forum and help reference for owners of Humax AV equipment

which are the same as here:

Install Modified Firmware - Wiki

When re-started the box just returns to the tv program - no update takes place.

Any ideas on where I have gone wrong?

I see the file named as hdr_fo~1.hdf on drive1 via flashfxp
I am just formatting anther usb drive atm

I was just saying that I can see the custom file on the usb brive when it is plugged into the humax, via ftp.
Some drives are recognised for transferring files etc., but won't work to flash the firmware update. Let us know how you get on with your other drive.
The drive was formatted FAT32 and this is flashFXP, a file transfer program:

I have never noticed the old DOS 8 character file names before so assumed that was how the humax presented them.

First usb was 32gb busbi 2nd is cruzer 4gb but I have to wait until recording stops and future ones are not due soon.
Right, well for one thing I don't know how good the Humax support for a 32GB UPD is. Second, why use flashfxp? The usual thing is to do a web download to PC and then a straight copy to the UPD and a file rename. You could even specify the plugged-in UPD as the download destination. It seems to me you are introducing an unknown.
You missunderstand. I downloaded the file via firefox web browser to my lappy HDD. I copied it to the usb drive via the lappy. FTP is not needed for those operations.

When I found the update did not work on the box I was curious if ftp would allow me to see the usb drive and if so how it would appear on the humax. For this reason I ftp'd into the box and saw that the usb is seen as drive1 (new for me) and that the filename was truncated in a dos manner (new for me).

Thanks for taking an interest :)
No probs. I suggest the long file name support disappeared somewhere in the FTP protocols between your PC and the UPD.