Customised Firmware 2.11 (for 1.0.20/27)


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I've uploaded a new version of customised firmware to bring the 1.0.20 and 1.02.27 releases into line.
It seems that 1.02.27 has a few issues so not everyone will want to upgrade (I've just downgraded my HDR but will keep my HD on 1.02.27/2.11 so that it can stream recordings over 4GiB)

If the last official Humax firmware that you installed on your box was 1.02.27, then it's safe to load the 2.11/1.02.20 or 2.11/1.02.27 firmware version straight on top of that and switch between the two whenever you want. If you have never loaded 1.02.27 then just load CF 2.11/1.02.20 over what you already have.

I haven't tried, but I believe there are some issues with downgrading the HD model from 1.02.27 back to 1.02.20, probably due to the location of the OS kernel.

Usual place:
so if I'm on 1.0.27 2.10 there's no reason for me to upgrade to 2.11?
Correct. It's just a more stable base for going forwards, since it's likely that 1.02.20 will continue to be the choice for many people for a while.
Just to say I have installed 2.11 onto my box running 1.0.20 and all is OK so far, not had any issues with my box not waking up as it is set to do.
I have issues with my schedules so looks like i will roll back my HDR, the odd blip and having to do this is a small price to pay for some awesome custom firmware. But do i just reinstall the 1.0.20 or do i have to reinstall the custom firmware after??
You can just load 2.11/1.0.20 on top of 2.10/1.0.27 if you want to roll back the Humax part.
Hello again, been absent (minded?) for a while and catching up on developments.

Not too keen on getting 1.02.27 on my box yet and have indeed installed the disable-OTA function just in case 'big-H just lets it go' !!

Am I OK to upgrade to CF 2.11 (from 1.17) on 1.02.20 on my HD box, using the 1.02.20/2.11 download ? I seem to remember reading about having to first run a 'prepare for upgrade' utility or was this for the beta 1.02.27...?

Any info. gratefully received. Thanks.
You're ok to just load 1.02.20/2.11 on-top. The prepare for upgrade is only required for moving to 1.02.27 for the first time.
Just got around to installing the update. All is fine but the remote change function display has stopped working (No longer displays what mode the remote is in)
Oh yeah, the fancy graphics only come in on 1.02.27 (not sure about 1.02.26, definitely not 1.02.20).