Customised firmware for other Humax Boxes?


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As a new member, I apologise for asking a question probably posed before.

Can the firmware for Foxsat T2 also work for later Humax boxes such as HDR1000S? The reason I ask is a recent Humax update has caused the unit to not recognise the unit hard drive. Humax say they are working on the issue.
I have verified drive still works OK and recordings still exist (via a USB to SATA3 connector plugged into a Linux PC). If possible I'd like to rescue the recordings, hence query about whether the Foxsat custom firmware would work. Thanks


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In a word. No. They have buttoned up the later boxes so that it's not possible at the moment unless someone can find a hack.

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Custom firmware is only available for FOXSAT, HDR-FOX, and HD-FOX. Methods of unprotection/decryption have been found for HDR-1800/2000T.