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What do the "prominent members" think about putting their CVs in a pinned topic under "Introductions"? I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is if we think it's a good idea.

I suggest the topic be moderated so nobody is allowed to comment on the CVs posted.
I would be happy to set it up if required. It could even take the form of a moderated sub-forum where each post would require moderating before it would be visible in the forum, then any comments about the posted CV's could be dealt with appropriately.
No :bye: I'm against it. Too much information on a public forum, I dont think so.
I think (hope) BlackHole was meaning a brief description of people on the forum relating to their contribution to the Humax CFW, Wiki and forum in general. I wouldn't want any personal information on here either.
Thank you:hungry: To me a CV is a brief life history, meant for an employer, but I am probably out of touch :rolleyes:
Even so it still sounds like a way of blowing your own trumpet, without the right of reply so I still dont like it.
The question should really be "What is the purpose of the CV? "

If it is to share background infromation amongst acquaintances so as to move to a more connected relationship, that means sharing personal information.

If it is to allow new people to quickly identify who to "listen to" when asking questions, then that has benefits but can lead to the problem identified by talos and could be seen to create a clique - those who "know" as apart from those who "don't know".

Reading through a number of posts it does become clear quite easily whose advice one can rely on.

It was just one of those things that drifted through my mind when it was "out to lunch". It seemed, for a moment anyway, to be a purpose to which the Introductions section could be put (which is currently a solution looking for a problem).

Regarding CVs, perhaps "résumé" would be a better word (at risk of scoring a high G). One should always tailor one's CV/résumé to suit the purpose.
Why not ask Michael to change your title on your Post Avatar? He changed mine when I got a bit OCD about raising the position of the site in search results (a flattering surprise at the time!) - I'm sure he could do the same for the leading participants and then anyone reading any post from those people would get some idea of who has answered and what their pedigree is? Lets face it there's no point putting it in a post anywhere because anyone who needed to know the contents of the post probably wont have gone and read it anyway!!
My evidence for this? Any of BH's signature links that never get read by those people in most desparate need of the contents!!
I like to think I'm a regular contributer (and like a little levity-hence my few likes) but I have limited technical knowledge and tend to respond rather than offer advice. Therefore I'm with Martin (post 7) as to me it is obvious whose advice is worth looking at.