DAB radio

If they last long enough to leak that would suggest the savings using rechargeables would be minimal.

You must have missed my post where I said that I was a bit of a miser, I thought about claiming the eco excuse but honesty is the best policy. As further reason for my opinion the unused maplin AAA batteries I mentioned before that I already had and are still within date appear to be a bit swollen which is a sign of imminent leakage. Have you seen the price of Duracell recently? I may well have to bite the bullet and shop around for a deal on them but for my own amusement and stubborness I will explore alternative methods first.
Fair enough, but I wouldn't shell out for Duracell. Our cat flap takes 4 x C and I use Tesco's alkaline in that. They aren't massively cheaper, but they are long lasting, and convenient as it's our local supermarket.

When we used a lot of batteries (several wireless mice, keyboards and portable equipments in the house) I used to buy AAs in bulk from Battery Force https://www.battery-force.co.uk. They are still there but I can't speak for current prices, etc.
Something to beware of: in use, but more particularly during recharging, cells get hot. I advise removing cells from any adapters for recharging.