De-Dup preferences


Does dedup have any preferences?
Does it prefer to keep bigger files or older one?
Is there any way to ensure it picks the older watched one to keep?

I ask because I am finding the file it keeps to sometimes be a new one and sometimes an old one. This leave me checking the new file to see if I watched it before or not.

Thanks. Loving my Humax thanks to the custumer firmware. Everyone needs one. :)
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Have I missed something?

Is anyone else noticing that when they collect a series the De-Dup function of WebIF seems erratic as to which duplicate it keeps?
I think it's been mentioned before. It is on my list of things to look at once I finish the current round of updates.
Next version will prefer to keep the older recordings, moving new duplicates out of the way.
You're a star thanks. I guess the only reason to prefer bigger files is to ensure you get an uniterupted rrcording.
I like the idea of keeping the old one though.
Many thanks for weaving your magic. :)
Thats much better, thank you.

Is there any chance the 'fix folder flag' could be run after de-dup to stop it breaking the new recordings flag?

Thanks again :thumbsup: