Debian works


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I thought I give Debian a try, and it seems that it works quite nicely in a chroot environment. Only Debian Lenny (oldstable) works - anything since Squeeze (the current stable) seems to be incompatible with the old kernel running on the Humax. Still, you get a very complete Linux environment.

No magic required. I just did

sudo debootstrap --foreign --arch mipsel --include perl,apt lenny debian

on a Linux PC, then copied the debian folder over to the hard disk of my Humax HD-Fox T2, and completed the second state there with

chroot debian
mount -t proc proc proc
debootstrap --second-stage

I hope this will make it possible to run get_iplayer on the Humax box. I would also like dropbox, but I don't think dropbox runs on any architecture apart from Intel CPUs.