Decrypt not working / available !!!




Bought Graded T2-500GB
Old HW (side by side tuner)
Latest 1.03.06 FW and Loader 7.34

Applied Downdate 1.02.32 - O.K.
Applied 1.02.32 CF v2.18 - O.K.

Info Now:
Software Version: FHTCP 1.02.32
Loader Version: a7.34
System ID: 80BC.7E00
Update Date: 15 Jan 2013
MICOM Version: 9.3

Web IF has installed and seems O.K.

Decrypt not working ! :(

I've installed the auto_unprotect and unencrypt packages as on previous HDR but decrypt is greyed out after the ENC flag disappears.

Can't remember any other things I had to do before - Tried Recursive Auto Decrypt but nothing happens (no folder appears in the [Deleted Items] folder either of course).
.autodecryptr file does appear in Media/My Video folder when viewed on PC

Any ideas experts ???
Ah - My bad - Oops - Note to self: Should not rely on my memory any more . . . Must read the instructions !

Thanks for the info Brian and BH

Decrypt now not grey and hopefully Recursive Auto-Decrypt will work it's magic as it should now.

Thanks again chaps