Decrypted HD recordings won't play in VLC?


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I finally got around to updating to the latest customised firmware today.

I copied 6 recordings to a virtual drive using the Opt+ option on my remote. These all show as decrypted in the web interface. However after downloading them , only two will play?

I can see all the streams in all of them, along with the duration but 4/6 won't play?

Any thoughts?

Yeah, all of them, I mentioned in the subject :)

VLC sees everything, I did notice however that when looking at the codecs in VLC, the two that play have the video/audio streams first whereas the others list all the EPG info first. Should I just try them in something like VideoReDo or is it possible to strip the EPG data from the ts file?

Sorry, I thought you meant HD-FOX, which is why I always refer to HiDef (see Glossary). Your work flow of OPT+ copy decryption to virtual drive is typical for HD-FOX, but unusual for HDR-FOX (there are easier ways).

I have not heard of a problem like this before, are you sure the relevant HiDefs were Foxied/Auto-unprotected before the decrypt copy? I suspect it is only the EPG stream that is not encrypted, hence all VLC can see. Are you using the latest VLC?
No problem and thanks for the reply.

Yep, on all counts. I tried copying to an external drive via Opt+ on the remote but it wouldn't allow it. I downloaded through the web interface via Opt but it didn't decrypt the recording so I couldn't see any other way to do it :/

I've probably missed something as I don't use this feature much :)
So this is a HDR-FOX then?

What icons are next to the delinquent recordings when listed in the WebIF?
Yep, sorry, I've not really specified anything well enough! It's too early :)

I'm at work at the mo, but off the top of my head it has the HD, Decrypted, Opt+ for them all.
I think this probably boils down to finger trouble. Copy to external drive will not be offered if the navigation point is inside a folder (even the root folder) - you have to be resting on the drive label itself or a folder named within it.

Apart from that, review your decryption procedure and try it again (on fresh material). See HERE (click) or the Wiki HERE (click).
Cheers, I'll give it another go when I get home.

I'll try and find something to remove all the EPG etc streams from the ts files as well to see if that's causing the issue.
Yes, 2.0.5 which is the latest. Some recordings still don't play. However I can edit them which is what's important. They'll never be played on a PC.