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Decrypting HD files stalling...


New Member
When decrypting HD files, using Hardware accelerated (via DNLA), decrypt runs until the copy back to the original folder, which remains empty. Using filezilla, there is an equivalent named file sub-tagged with ".decrypting" on the T2 drive. Copying this across to the pc and deleting the sub-tag gives a file that can be viewed with VLC. Also the 'DEC' flag isn't set in the file status in the directory list.

Also, recursive decrypting of directories also seems to have stopped working and doing this manually is a pain, particularly with the above problem.

Any thoughts please?



New Member
MymsMan, thanks for the my response- no, nothing in the log. There is no issue with SD files; interestingly my wife cleared off some old recordings and boosted the disk space to 6%; it was at 3% when I couldn't convert. I've just successfully completed an HD decrypt complete with the original files in the correct place. Would little disk space be a problem? Still more than enough to do a conversion and store original files.


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Seems fairly obvious to me.
The SD/HD thing is just a red herring as SD recordings tend to be smaller than HD recordings, but of course, you never quantified any of this, nor mentioned the lack of disk space originally.