Decrypting htm file using FOXY on an external HDD


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I was under the impression that in order to make working backup copies of HD, files the procedure is to use FOXY to modify the htm file copied from the Hummy and then copy it back to the Hummy. This works fine for me and the "enc" flag is removed. I can then copy back to a USB stick using the recorder's copy protocol, and the decrypted file on the USB stick plays ok. But this is incredibly slooooww!

However, having backed up all my valuable video files from the Fox-T2 directly on to an external HDD using FTP, I have discovered that I can decrypt the htm file which is on the external HDD using FOXY and then copy it back to the external HDD, and the video then appears as decrypted and will play directly from the external drive. At no point have I recopied the modified htm file back on to the Hummy and then copied from there to a USB stick.

This obviously works, but I was surprised that it does. Everything I have read seems to imply that recopying the decrypted htm file back to the Hummy and then using Opt+ "copy" to a USB stick is essential. So, do I actually have working decrypted videos on the external drive which will play on any HDR-FoxT2, or am I missing something obvious?

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am I missing something obvious?
Yes. You are correct in that it is not necessary to copy back to the internal drive, but the method you are describing does not decrypt until you copy them back to the internal drive.

Foxy does not decrypt. Foxy removes the decryption protection and allows the HDR-FOX T2 to subseqently decrypt if copied via USB. Whether you use foxy or not the HDR-FOX T2 that recorded the programme will still be able to play back the encrypted recordings from the external drive providing you still have the side car files, and that it what you are describing. The files will be decrypted when you copy them back to the internal drive, but only the new copy on the internal drive are decrypted. The copies on the external drive will remain encrypted but still playable by the HDR-FOX T2.

To decrypt the foxyed recordings without copying back to the internal drive you connect the drive they are on to the HDR-FOX T2 and also 2nd external drive. You can then use the HDR-FOX T2's menus to copy from one external drive directly to the other. You may have to supply seperate power to one of the drives as the total power is limited to 700mA.