dedup query

Mark Bowler

New Member
I have a specific query about how dedup works. The situation I have is that I have been recording Family Guy for several years and it was originally shown on BBC3 but is now on ITV2. Both channels often repeat the same episodes so I need the auto dedup to keep disk space down. This was working fine when it was just BBC3 but since the move to ITV2 the program info has changed such that the series and episode values are not included so the titles of the files are not completely the same.

I wondered if I could fix this by editing the program info of the BBC3 files to remove the series info and also rename the file to be the same as the ITV2 copy but running a manual dedup still keeps both copies. Hence I'm confused as to how dedup is working. I modified the filename, Medialist Title and Synopsis, is there some other info that dedup is using?

As a secondary question, assuming I can fix the files to be seen a duplicates, is there a way to force the newer ITV2 copy to be the one that discarded since it is a bigger file and has adverts. Thanks.