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Apologies - I'm sure this has been asked before, just spend some time searching but found nothing so far. Been told off for the first time for deleting a program(!) - is it possible to recover this program? Deleted it yesterday and not used hummy since. I assume the file is still on the HD somewhere.
Sorry, unless you have the customised firmware and the undelete functionality installed there isn't an easy way to recover the file.

If you're comfortable at the Linux command line you could use some tools that can sometimes recover files from the hard disk (ext3grep and extundelete) but they aren't yet built for the Humax. If it is really important, I would remove the hard disk from the Humax and connect it to a PC running the SystemRescueCd or similar, but you'll invalidate your warranty.
Thank you for your quick response. I do have the custom firmware installed but not sure if the undelete function was part of the standard package.
If you have undelete then you will have a folder called [Dustbin] or [Deleted Items] in your video list..
I'm afraid I haven't got either a Dustbin or Deleted Items in my video list - I guess the undete function is an add-on I have to load after the custom firmware. My pc runs Ubuntu and I can ftp or use the customer firmware interface to 'see' the box. Do I have there another option(?) based on me not having the undelete function (box only two weeks old - rather not take the HD out). I'm reasonably OK/happy with the Ubuntu terminal but hardly a linux expert.
You need to get a hold of a binary for ext3grep or extundelete that will run on the Humax and see if it can recover anything. The less you use the Humax in the meantime the better chance you will have of recovering something.

You need a binary for the MIPSEL platform (debian should have one somewhere). This is something that we should probably have available under the standard package repository but isn't there yet. If you can't find one then I can compile one for you this evening.
I'm going to need fare bit of hand holding here - this is a bit beyond me. Out of interest, does this method mean leaving the HD inside the box? I'm can't get my head around how I interface to the HD is it is inside the hummy box.
There are always 'methods' to get programmes off the internet, though I don't condone using torrent engines to illegally obtain them.
Mind you, there is also a risk that installing the utilities to the disk will over-write the files to be recovered!

If it's BBC, there's iPlayer...
I've just discovered this BBC4 program is currently on iplayer so I have access. May I ask two questions please. I need to install this undelete functionality - can you point me to where the instructions are and are there any other essential(?) things a newbie should also install in addition to the custom firmware? Also - did I read somewhere that the custom firmware, or something, allows one to record bbc iplayer programs? Thanks.
The Wiki package notes are the first stop, but basically you just install the undelete package.

As far as saving iPlayer streams is concerned, all you do is play the required programme and then save it from the WebIF media browser - button at the bottom of the page.

See HERE (click) for other recommendations, and general advice in Things Every... (link below).
Sorry, unless you have the customised firmware and the undelete functionality installed there isn't an easy way to recover the file.

This package only works for recordings that are still on the internal disk - is there a way to get it to work for external disks also? (either with the same package or a new external package called: 'undelete external'). It will then prevent my children from deleting a programme permanently by mistake!

I've found this tool invaluable of late, but only just realised it doesn't (temporarily) transfer deleted files to a folder called [Dustbin] on usb-hdd's. If another package needs to be created my suggestion would be to rename the existing to 'internal undelete' and update the package notes to explain, as currently it's not clear either way.

- proposed suggestion:

"internal undelete.....1.6-2.... .Redirects deleted recordings from the internal disk to a temporary dustbin folder and removes them a few days later (configurable)."

"external undelete.....1.6-2.....Redirects deleted recordings from an external usb-disk to a temporary dustbin folder and removes them a few days later (configurable)."
Easy enough via the command line, presuming you are using custom firmware (you don't even need Telnet if you install the webshell package), or maybe even easier by FTP.
That's a bummer!

This appears to be a major oversight in the design. There is a lock function in the standard interface, but that prevents the recording even being played without the PIN so it is too blunt an instrument.

Maybe there is a CF intervention that can cure this.
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Who created the original 'undelete' package, does anyone know?

I'm hoping that if the originator can remember how the function works within the package itself (moving to a temp folder), it can just be tweaked a little so it sits in the usb-hdd folder also, if the user wishes..... or is that too easy an answer, coming from someone like me with a non-computing background.
af123 (as for the vast majority of stuff) - original thread for the release here.
And yes, your thought is too simplistic. But I think it could be done, if it was decided worth it.
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