Deleting a series reboots 1100S


As the thread title. If I 'delete series' the box reboots. If I delete a single recording it deletes without a reboot.

With some series holding significant numbers of recordings deleting one at a time isn't feasible!

Any thoughts on what the problem might be and, more importantly, a solution?
As the thread title. If I 'delete series' the box reboots. If I delete a single recording it deletes without a reboot.
Is it any series that you delete that causes the problem or only series with large number of recordings? I think the problem with deleting large series has been reported before.
Format the disk or delete one by one would seem to be your only options.
Those oh-so-clever Humax people never allow for things going wrong and see crashing as the answer (sadly they don't hold the monopoly).
My 1000S doesn't reboot, but it does sometimes ignore a request to delete a series, even if there is only two recordings. Try photographing your recording reservation list and carry out a reset to factory defaults.
Humax have come back with a suggestion that a factory reset should to the trick.

It didn't.

So I have asked them for further advice.
Did the factory reset include a disk format? File system faults could induce a reboot if that path through the Humax code wasn't tested.
I ducked out of a format. But suspect I might end up with one. I'm waiting to see what Humax have to say.

Trouble is, I've got a replacement hard drive on its way for a Fox-T2 that keeps throwing disk errors and so will need to copy programmes off both to my desktop as soon as I can. I *think* I have sufficient capacity on one of the drives...
Let me summarise the Humax script:
  1. Turn it off and on again
  2. Factory reset
  3. Format the disk
  4. If it's in guarantee, RMA it via your supplier (and you'll get a box back which exhibits the same fault down the line). If it isn't, tough sh!t, you're on your own.
It doesn't really matter what the fault is or which model you have. That's all they do... and to hell with your recordings.
Not quite right...

And 4 didn't apply as it isn't in guarantee.

Shades of the 'improved' firmware they introduced for the Fox-T2 Freeview box that slowed the EPG down to a crawl. They told me by email that they would fix it. Still waiting after I can't remember how many years.

It speaks volumes when a company produces an almost OK product which its users significantly improve, ignore the improvements, and then respond by locking own the next iteration. And grateful thanks to those who have made those Freesat and Freeview boxes so much better!