Deleting files on network PC from Humax remote


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I have archived loads of files from the HDR-FOX T2 to a networked PC. After playing back via the Humax to my TV, I want to delete them, but how? Usual way by pressing 'OK' does not bring up menu options but starts playback of the file instead. Also, is there any way of Rew and FF the program from the Humax remote control.


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I don't know if it works, but have you tried the OPT+ button at the bottom of the remote?


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The OPT+ button works. You need to make sure that you have set the directory share permission on the PC to allow network user to change files.

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I wasn't aware the OK button did usually bring up a menu? It's always been OPT+ as far as I know.

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Yeah you get Play, Resume Play etc and there's also a Delete on there - much handier for deleting once recordings are watched than Opt+

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Let's get back to the basics and ask a question: are these files being accessed by DLNA? Presumably so, as this is not posted in the custom software forum. It is by DLNA if you use the "network" option to get to them (blue button).

All the usual Humax controls will work if you install network sharing (custom software) and transfer ALL the files of a recording (decrypted), not just the .ts. Network shares are accessed like a USB device. By DLNA the options are limited.