Deleting 'unable to track' recording from Media file


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Last night, or early this (Feb 20) had afailed recordng on More4. Not worried about reason as believe very late start from More4 caused one-off failure. What I am asking is how to delete from media file as when 'ok' is pressed there are no options to select - either 'play' or 'delete'?


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I don't have an 1800/2000 but I presume it has an Opt+ button the same as the T2, so try using that.

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I have that trouble with my supported user - thinks the OK button is the route to everything.


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Thanks ML, of course its the OPT+ button, why didn't I think of that!!!
Possibly a contribution to that is the button's smaller size let other buttons dominate your attention when trying to find a solution.

But at least its more noticeable than the 9000T remote's button for more options which had it hidden under a sliding cover which some did not initially realise was there.

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I think it would be less confusing if the OK button did not bring up a menu of options at all, and was reserved for "okaying" selections.