Mrs Snowman

Hi guys, I don't understand all of the customised firmware as I'm not very technical so I thought I would double check this in case I have missed something. Is it possible to assign deleting recordings to one single button press rather than the 4 that it currently takes? It's a bit annoying having to press ok, then scroll to delete then move to yes then press ok again isn't it. Thanks :)
The OPT+ button makes delete more accessible, and of course you can batch delete by selecting a number of recordings using the red button and then OPT+ delete the whole group.

I guess it would be possible to do a similar IR translation as for your i button - OPT+ OK Yes, but do you not think it makes it error prone (one false button press...)? Which button would you assign? You also have the option to delete via the Web Interface media browser.
Thanks Black , do you know I completely missed the option to select more than one recording at a time. I was moaning to my OH last night that I don't know why they didn't put that function on this pvr as it's how I always delete when using my 9150. I think because there is no little box for the tick to go in beside the name of the recording, I just assumed you couldn't do it.

I can't believe I missed something so obvious :oops: thanks! I agree that maybe making it easier to delete could cause mistakes when deleting so maybe it's a bad idea to have one button press.

PS: Loving the flatten folders so now what I last recorded is at the top where I like it