Delinquent Half-awake State

As Black Hole states in Things Every HD-FOX T2/HDR-FOX T2 Owner Should Know,
DELINQUENT HALF-AWAKE: Half-awake can also occur as a fault state, when the HD/HDR-FOX fails to enter standbywhen expected....
The consequence of delinquent half-awake is that the internal and/or any external hard drives never turn off...
Have any other consequences been found?

I've been running my HDR-Fox T2 for a few days in this state, and the only change I can see is that thumbnails are never created for new recordings until you play them.

In normal running, thumbnails are created the day after (during bootup?).


Thanks, BH, good to know.

So, in this state, is anything else not happening that will negatively affect normal use?

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
Not really, but there's no point turning it off at all if it's nit turning off (mine run 24/7 in any case).