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I have an odd feature that seems to come and go.
I have noticed that the DetectAds icon within the webIF/browse files does not always show up.
I thought this was browser dependent, but it looks like it is affecting Chrome, Firefox and Opera in Linux Mint 19.3.
Oddly it seems to be ok on browsers on Android. I vaguely remember it was the other way around before (ie use to be ok on Linux but not ok on Android).

This is what shows up while it's loading the page
Screenshot from 2021-04-04 16-23-45.png

This is the end result after a fully loaded page - as though the DetectAds icon disappears
Screenshot from 2021-04-04 16-24-49.png

Is it something wrong with my Linux environment?


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Oh, I just realised it's due to web browser adblocker!
Ignore me.
Although I'm not sure if it's an intended effect.
It looks for the detectads.png icon in /plugin/detectads/img/detectads.png,
but it looks for the others (like decrypted) in /img/
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